Play It as It Lays, 2017 (excerpt)
HD video, sound, 7:00 minutes

Play It as It Lays, 2017 - solo exhibition at Gallery 106 Green, August 12 - September 17, 2017
Supported by a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts
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Curtain, 2015
2 channel HD video, sound, 7:00 minutes

Positions in Tempo, 2014 (excerpt)
HD video, sound, 11:00 minutes

Counterpart, 2014 (excerpt)
HD video, sound, 9:30 minutes

Positions, installation view, Cave, Detroit, 2015

Repeat, 2013
HD video, sound, 8:00 minutes

Holding, 2012
HD video, silent, 6:30 minutes

I Want to Love You (Part I), 2010
Video, sound, 7:00 minutes

Eros and Thanatos, 2010
Video, sound, 6:00 minutes

Eros and Thanatos, 2009, ArtWall, Commissioned Billboard Image by Art in the Loop Foundation, Kansas City, MO.