series of c-prints, 2014-2013.

positions, series of c-prints, 2012.

between reach and grasp, series of c-prints, 2011.

eros and thanatos, series of c-prints, 2011-2008.

If I say it
as I know how to say it
you will see my present body
fly into pieces
and under ten thousand
notorious aspects
a new body
will be assembled
in which you will never again
be able
to forget me.

- Antonin Artaud

to stop a sudden outburst, series of c-prints, 2006.

I very much like stopping the outburst of laughter. It tickles, marvelously; not letting it go, the thing that so much wants to come shooting out, I like things that aren't allowed to be, things that have to go down into my inside.
It makes these repressed things more awkward, but at the same time more valuable…What I mean is: if you aren't allowed to do something, you do it twice as much somewhere else…
Everything that's forbidden lives a hundred times over; thus, if something is supposed to be dead, its life is all the livelier.

- Robert Walser, from Jackob von Gunten