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Threat is often an element in Cortney Andrews’s work. Be it explicit, as in her 2016 performance Within Arm’s Reach, during which the artist was roped by her ankles off the mast of a ship and dangled over open water; or cheeky, as in her 2017 installation Play It As It Lays, in which performers balanced glass chalices atop each other’s foreheads. In her recent solo show, I See You, at Jack Hanley Gallery, the threat, is, ironically, invisible. Like Julio Cortázar’s “Blow-Up,” the short story that serves as inspiration, about a photographer who, without permission, snaps, enlarges, and then ruminates on the story of his subjects, it is “strange how the scene”—a multimedia installation of performance video, sculpture, and photographs—takes on “a disquieting aura.”

I See You, 2020
Jack Hanley Gallery, March 6 - April 5, 2020 [COVID]

Recent feature in DRAWN, Issue #1, "The Infinite Sea", 2020.
"Sailing with Artists,” Interview with Cortney Andrews and Tonian Irving, founders of Offshore Residency.
More info on Offshore Residency, a traveling artist residency program on a sailboat.

I Have Repeated You, 2018 (excerpt)
HD video, sound, 13:00 minutes

I Have Repeated You, 2018, Performance (excerpt)
Performed at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York, 2018
Supported by a grant from Franklin Furnace Foundation
Original Running Time: 18:00 minutess

Play It as It Lays, 2017 (excerpt)
HD video, sound, 7:00 minutes

Solo exhibition at Gallery 106 Green, August 12 - September 17, 2017
Supported by a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts
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Within Arm's Reach, version 1, 2016 (excerpts)
Performance and video, Maine

Curtain, 2015
2 channel HD video, sound, 7:00 minutes

Positions in Tempo, 2014 (excerpt)
HD video, sound, 11:00 minutes

Counterpart, 2014 (excerpt)
HD video, sound, 9:30 minutes